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Dr. Kim’s was conferred a Doctor of Education from the Columbia University in the New York City, USA on 2004. Dr. Young-Saing Kim's involvement in the East Asian Summit (EAS) TVET Cooperation Network highlights his dedication to enhancing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) collaboration among the ASEAN+6 countries. This initiative demonstrates his commitment to fostering cooperation and sharing best practices in the field of TVET across the East Asian region. Since 2013, as a prominent figure within this network, Dr. Kim likely plays a pivotal role in promoting the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources related to TVET. Dr. Young-Saing Kim is a notable figure associated with the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training (KRIVET) as senior fellow since 2006. His contributions to this institution have played a significant role in shaping vocational education and training initiatives in Korea.

Dr. Kim's involvement with KRIVET likely reflects his dedication to enhancing vocational education and training systems, which are crucial for equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the workforce. His expertise likely encompasses various aspects of vocational education, including curriculum development, skill assessment, training program evaluation, and aligning education with industry needs. As a prominent figure within KRIVET, Dr. Kim is likely known for his research, policy recommendations, and leadership in the field of vocational education. He may have been involved in conducting studies that analyze the effectiveness of vocational training programs, identify skill gaps in the labor market, and propose strategies for improving the quality and relevance of vocational education.

Furthermore, Dr. Kim's influence may extend beyond research, as he might have been engaged in collaborations with government agencies, educational institutions, industry stakeholders, and international organizations to promote vocational education and training as a driver of economic growth and workforce development. Dr. Young-Saing Kim's dedication and expertise are likely to have a positive impact on the advancement of vocational education and training in Korea and beyond.

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