The 8th Global Higher Education Forum 2023 (GHEF2023): “Equity Recovery - Higher Education In The Post-Pandemic Era” will serve as a platform for multi-stakeholders (such as academics, students, government agencies, policymakers, NGOs, and industries) to discuss issues confronting the higher education ecosystem for the equity recovery, as well as to promote discourses and share experiences for finding practical solutions.

GHEF2023 is an avenue to consider concepts, experiences, practices, and research findings on diverse issues in higher education from various countries' contexts and perspectives.

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  • To serve as a platform for the stakeholders (academics, graduates, public and private universities, government agencies, industries, and NGOs) to discuss and share views on current global issues and trends related to the equity recovery of the post-pandemic era in the context of the higher education ecosystem.

  • To foster multi-perspective discussions on various higher education issues at institutional, national, regional, and international levels.

  • To facilitate collaborations and enhance networking at national, regional, and international levels in higher education development with Malaysia playing a pivotal role.

  • To recommend future policy and practice ideas and guidelines that should be prioritised in accelerating higher education development for sustainability in the era of disruptive technology intersection with the global outbreak, equity recovery of the post-pandemic era in the context of the higher education ecosystem.


Equity Recovery – Higher Education in The Post-Pandemic Era

The theme focussed on equity recovery as it has been recognised that equity in higher education is an important aim to ensure all students succeed and that it had been severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic-driven disruptions. The understanding, awareness and information on practical solutions are important inputs for the development and future of higher education systems that value equity in higher education


  • Digital Divide and Inclusion

  • Talent and Employability

  • Financial and Socioeconomic standing

  • Teaching and Learning - Policy and Practices

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