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Dr Hongzhi Zhang

Dr Hongzhi Zhang is a senior lecturer in the School of Education, Culture and Society at Faculty of Education, Monash University. His main research areas are higher education, educational equity, education policy, Asia study, and curriculum and pedagogy. Drawing on educational philosophies of Asian traditions, Hongzhi’s research about ‘Asia as method’ is innovative and influential. He has established ‘Asia as method’ as a researchable concept, and contributed influential theoretical and empirical developments in research about ‘Asia as method’ in educational studies, particularly how it can be developed in multicultural, postcolonial Asia countries and for it to be culturally expansive in Western education systems as an ideal and as a practice across cultures. His particular foci have been in researching an overall ‘Asia as pedagogy' to help to cultivate a new research imagination in Australian cross-curriculum priority ‘Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia’.

Founder & Personal Trainer